The events

Monday 24 November, 2003 - Teatro Regio
Opening of the sixt Centenary celebrations.
In the evening the Academia Montis Regalis, conducted by Alessandro De Marchi, will perform motets and concertos by Antonio Vivaldi, kept in the National University Library in Turin; soloists: Anke Herrmann (soprano), Manuela Custer (contralto), Amandine Beyer (violin).


24-26 November, 2003
Conference "Universities beyond nationhood: towards a universal dimension of education and research"
A conference on the theme of internationalization during the Italian Presidency of the European Union, in agreement with the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Conference of the Rectors of Italian Universities.
The theme of internationalization of university education and research will be examined with the countries of the Mediterranean basin and of Latin America, in a bid to define universities as centres of learning and heritage capable of ensuring intercultural exchange between Europe and Latin America.

16-17April, 2004, Cuneo
"Consolidated Affinities and New Synergies", Conference with the Italo-French University
The presence of the Italian Secretariat of the Italo-French University in Turin will provide the opportunity to discuss relations between the Universities and the cultures of the two nations, extending the debate to French-speaking countries.
Turin will act as the entry portal to all those French cultures present on the regional and national territory.
The conference will be held in one of the border towns undergoing considerable university development, in an area which brings together high efficiency, the scientific and artistic cultural heritage and the heritage of good wine and good food.

3-5 June, 2004
"Universities and Globalization" E.U.A. (European University Association) Conference
The E.U.A. brings together the Presidents of the National Conferences of European Rectors and more than 650 European Universities.
Representatives of the European Conferences of Rectors will be invited to Turin to begin a discussion between Europe and the rest of the world on a highly topical subject.
For these three days Turin will become the world University capital.

18-20 June, 2004
"Places of treatment: the history and the prospects of health and care from the Medieval era to modern times"
This international conference will critically evaluate from historical and cultural angles the changes in the place dedicated to medical care starting from isolation hospitals, leper hospitals but also public squares, homes of the nobility, convents and Carthusian monasteries; it will also evaluate modern day conditions in the light of technical and social developments. Predictions and expectations will be formulated on the concept of health in the next twenty-five years, on the basis of current trends in medical and non-medical technology, the progress of science and cultural, social and economic evolution.
Forums will be organized jointly with Regional-Health bodies on the services available and on improvements which can be offered to population.
The aim of the conference is to draw up a "Turin Project Charter" which will become the subject of debate on the future of the Health Service.
On this occasion a book will be published on "Places of treatment".

End of June/July 2004
International conference on student mobility in the 25 (15 + 10) E.U. member States
This conference will be organized in collaboration with and under the aegis of the European Union and will see the participation of student delegations from E.U. states and E.U. applicants.
The main topics on the agenda will be:
- the right to study and student funding;
- the European contribution to aid the international university student circulation;
- the expansion of the Socrates-Erasmus, Leonardo, Tempus and Alfa programmes; university education; the international and national working world;
- student access to research; the local universities; the national "scene" and the European context; student services: vocational guidance, tutoring, services for the disabled; cultural, recreational and sports activities, etc.

16-18 September, 2004
16th Conference of the European Association for International Education (E.A.I.E.)
The University of Turin, in collaboration with the Polytechnic, will host the annual meeting of the EAIE, an association whose objective is to stimulate and facilitate the internationalization of tertiary education in Europe.
The conference will bring together more than 1,600 international educators from about 60 countries: directors and coordinators of international bodies dedicated to exchange programmes, education and research involved in internationalizing education, university executives and consultants, language experts etc.

23-25 September, 2004
International Conference "The University and research"
The Conference will bring together local, national and European experts from the world of politics and organization of research, persons in charge of productive organizations and programming bodies at various levels, who will meet university teachers and research associate to define the role of university research in the 21st century, in the overall context of training qualified personnel, of improving knowledge, of social and economic development.
The Conference will consider the following topics:
- organization of research, structures and size, funding;
- research assessment;
- research and technological innovation in University-industrial relations;
- research education in an international context.
The findings of the Conference will be published in a general policy document - the Turin Charter on the Principles of Research - which may serve as a point of reference to be shared as widely as possible.

September 2004
International Conference on ethics and economics
Considerations, entrusted to distinguished personalities in the sciences and from international institutions, on the links between ethics and economics, with special attention to themes which affect everyday life, the citizenship of individuals and the performance of economic systems as a whole.

Special themes will be:
- the ethics of market competition;
- the ethics of international financial flows;
- the company ethics;
- the ethics of global trade.

These issues will be faced in the awareness, which is characteristic of the Universitas, that only through careful analysis of major issues can that optimism of the will spring which the world seems to need more and more.

These events will be accompanied by a series of conferences on scientific, economic and social issues offered by Faculties or single research groups, which will be illustrated in a separate publication.

(Organizing committee for the Turin winter Olympics 2006)

12-13 February, 2004
Conference "The Five Senses. Body Languages"
This conference will be based on the idea of phenomenology and the division of the body into its primary senses.
Each sense will be described and represented from various perspectives (historical, artistic, literary, etc.) in relation and interchange each other: in this way the five senses, which constitute a sort of alphabet for the decodification of the real world, simultaneously provide five different views of the world and of history.